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Sibirian elm

What is remarkable elm? Medicinal properties of birch sap, leaves, bark, too, have been known to man since ancient times. Birch has a great therapeutic potential. Please note that Birch had never built a house. Why not? Because birch wood rots quickly. Then what, you ask, birch grows high in the sky for decades? Because of the unique properties of birch bark - bark. Birch bark has powerful anti-fungal, antiviral and bactericidal action. When you're in the forest, poke a foot long fallen birch. Leg will resist only elm. The wood has all turned into dust, the dust, elm is well preserved. To tell the truth, the Novgorod birch bark almost 700 years, and after all these years they lay in the ground. And only the last half century, they are in the museum.

Volatile - a volatile substance that protects plants from pests. It is well known volatile allocated birch leaves. Because of them in a birch grove per cubic meter of air can have no more than 400 disease-causing microbes. For comparison, the rate for operating - 500. So, elm allocates volatile. It is known that the bark tueskah bread lasts longer than usual. Another example: the long-known method of air disinfection. A few drops of birch tar, which is derived from the bark, drip on the coals and the air in your room will be virtually sterile. So in the old premises were preparing to leave. In the house, where there are products made of birch bark, a person is breathing healthy air. Birch bark has powerful anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial deystviem.Gomeopaticheskie dose phytoncids bark all the time and day and night fighting for his health. Since ancient times, it is known that birch bark has antiseptic properties it is applied to does not heal wounds, it is made of tar and charcoal. The rim of the bark "removes" headaches, and decoctions of leaves and buds of birch extremely salubrious. It is well known to all and a wonderful healing effects of birch sap.

Bark not paint, not toned, not varnished, thus preserving the richness of natural colors and unique natural properties of the material. Instead of paint, the surface is rubbed with a special box of finished cement, made by beeswax. Collect bark for only 2-3 weeks a year, in early spring when the tree "gives" the bark itself. Time-consuming process is the pretreatment of birch bark as a material that is ready for further items - boxes, ornaments, etc. In order to collect only suitable clean area with a sharply continental climate, where temperatures drop to minus 45 degrees to plus 45 degrees, make the bark flexible. Such climatic conditions are only here in Siberia. In his work masters use a variety of techniques, based on the traditions of the old masters of Siberia and modernizing them, weaving, stamping, cutting of laminated, burning, sewing ... The patterns of products are native traditions alive, allowing the mirror to see if in that distant era when art was inextricably linked people's daily lives.

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