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Vologda lace

Vologda lace - kind of Russian lace, woven on bobbins (wooden sticks), distributed in the Vologda region. All major image in the coupling Vologda lace hold tight continuous, uniform in width, gradually winding linen tape, "vilyushkoy", they are clearly silhouetted against patterned lattices decorated nasnovkami in the form of stars and rosettes. For the manufacture of Vologda lace is needed: pillow cushion, bobbins, juniper and birch; pins; pattern.

Figure invents a lace, or taken from magazines. Vologda lace making dates back to the 16-17 centuries., But as fishing has existed since the first quarter of the XIX century. Initially, it is considered that the lace originated in Europe, the most ancient centers of lace are Italy and Flanders. Start fishing refers to 1820, when, near the estates of the landlords Vologda became serfs to weave trim dresses and linen, in imitation of Western Europe.

According to official studies (SA Davydova) found that in the days of serfdom in all major country estates were the province of lace "factories" that supplied the product lace in St. Petersburg and Moscow. And one of these factories was founded by landowner Zasetskoy three miles from Vologda in the village Kovyrin no later than 20 years of the XIX century. There's finest fortified braided lace trim for dresses and linen, in imitation of the West European patterns. Over time, the landlords of the shops lace moved into a popular medium and has become a kind of folk art, which reflected the needs and tastes of the wide circles of the local population.

In 1893, in the Vologda lace craft masters were engaged in 4000, in 1912 - 40 000. In 1928 in Vologda was founded vocational school lace. In 1930 was created Vologda lace Union. In 1935 - art laboratory at Vologda kruzhevosoyuze. In the 30s of last century, the lace of the image appeared, reflecting Soviet reality. Before the 40-ies. the last century dominated dimensional lace trim for clothes, and later became the main piece goods - track, napkins, elegant removable parts of women's clothing - collars, frills, capes, scarves, ties, gloves, etc.

In 1960, organized by the Vologda Lace Association "Snowflake." Produced dimensional lace, blankets, towels), curtains, as well as unique showpieces on sketches of artists (AA Korableva, MA Guseva et al.) Among the masters-artists - VD Veselov, MN Grunicheva, VN Elfina, K. V. Isakov, E. J. Humala, VN Panteleyev, V. Sibirtseva. Vologda lace have received many top awards at exhibitions: a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925, the Grand Prix in Paris in 1937, a gold medal in Brussels in 1958 At the same time, the exhibition in Brussels, was awarded the highest award of the Grand Prix of Vologda lace curtain "Russian motives."

November 3, 2010 in Vologda, in the former State Bank on the Kremlin Square, 12, opened a museum of lace. The total area of the museum is 1400 m, and exposure - 600 m. In the main exhibition features more than 500 objects that tell about the founding and development of traditional arts and crafts Vologda

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